Your Hospital Room

View looking into a patient's room

When you are admitted to a hospital, a room is assigned to you. Johns Hopkins hospitals have a variety of private and semi-private rooms, including deluxe accommodations.

What’s in Your Room

The exact contents of your hospital room may vary depending on the hospital, as well as the unit where you are admitted.

The nursing staff will show you the features of your room, including your bed controls and the nurse call system. We provide soap, towels, sheets, hospital gowns and nonslip socks. Ask your nurse for assistance with toiletries or personal grooming needs.

Your Bed

You can adjust your bed for sitting up or reclining. Bedside rails have controls for the bed, TV and a nurse call button. You may also use the control box to control all these activities. If you’d like the room temperature adjusted, ask any member of your health care team.

Communication Board (Whiteboard)

Your room has a white communication board that you can see from your bed. Your nurse will write the names of staff members who will be working with you on each shift, each day. Your nurse will also list your goals and activities for each day. Please review your whiteboard with your nurse.


Each patient room has different alarms for your care and safety. Examples of alarms can include heart monitors, bed alarms or medicine pumps.

  • If no one answers an alarm after a short period of time, please tell a nurse or push your patient call button to request assistance from a member of the clinical team.
  • Nurses also get alarm messages on their phones or pagers to help them respond quickly.
  • For your own safety, be careful not to touch other equipment.

TV Services

Health education and basic TV channels are available in your room, including the Continuous Ambient Relaxation Environment ® (C.A.R.E.) channel. This therapeutic tool combines peaceful video scenes of nature with beautiful music. The C.A.R.E. Channel is appropriate for patients of any age, gender or culture. It significantly contributes to improved satisfaction and patient outcomes, and helps create a healing environment for patients, families and staff. The 24-hour format includes unique daytime and nighttime imagery to support the circadian rhythm, enhance sleep and reduce the negative impact of hospital noise.

How We Keep Your Room Clean

Hospital staff will routinely disinfect your room and bathroom and follow procedures designed to keep your environment clean, including cleaning the surfaces in your room such as your bed rails and over-bed table.

Environmental Care services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your room needs additional cleaning, please notify your nurse or press the nurse call button.


Staying at The Johns Hopkins Hospital?

All patient rooms at the Johns Hopkins Hospital are designed for your comfort.